Saturday, 1 September 2012

Justice League Movie Tracker

After the success of the Avengers Movie Tracker and the recent re-ignition of the Justice League movie project, how could I not start another little tracker? This is a work in progress. See if you can name the actors.

Green Lantern Movie
Alex Ross
i fried rice (Superhero Hype User)
Jeffach (DeviantArt User)
Arkham City Batman Inc Skin
Stjepan Sejic (Nebezial)
Spidey Dude (CBM user)

Friday, 16 September 2011

Comics Retro: Grow beard, get taller, learn kung fu

Here's what the average comic-book reader, who we will call Jeremy, could do thanks to the handy services that used to be offered up in comics. These were all found in just three comics from a stack picked up at a car boot sale.

First things first, Jeremy ordered his supply of smoke grenades and cherry bombs. These would be useful later.

Then Jeremy cleared his skin with a rocket to reveal a devastatingly handsome face.

With that done, Jeremy spent the next 7 days building his "Atlas body".

Meanwhile, he learnt Kung Fu and Karate and "breaking boards" at home.

Pretty soon he was impressing his friends with his fighting techniques and magic.

Of course, this didn't escape the attention of the most gorgeous girl in the school, who was particularly impressed with the full Moses beard he'd grown at the age of 13.

Oh, and have you gotten taller, Jeremy?

But wait, the most gorgeous girl in the school had already been going steady with the school bully for three weeks! Fret not! Jeremy defeated the school bully with his arsenal of smoke grenades and cherry bombs and won the girl's heart with the sound of his poetry set to music.

Jeremy later married the most gorgeous girl in the school making every one else jealous. He grew up to become taller, make money and be respected.

Thanks, comics!

Comics Retro: Ooh Er Wonder Woman

It's easy to forget how sexually charged Wonder Woman comics used to be.. well, OK, it's not that easy.
That's what she said

Comics Retro: The Death of Robin Phone-In

My rather awesome girlfriend, often referred to here as The Sidekick, bought me a stack of old comic books from a car boot sale (that's a garage sale to you yanks) and I've been busy blowing my mind with Bronze Age comic goodness. This little gem was a proper blast from the past. When Jason Todd was Robin, DC held a phone-in to decide his fate. Turned out Batman fans wanted blood!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Fan-Made Deadpool Motion Comic

This superb motion comic by YouTube user, phumo, pays tribute to Marvel's Deadpool: Suicide Kings. This is Exactly what I wanted to be able to do years ago when I first had the idea for motion comics after watching flash animations on If only I had the time on my hands to become this good and be able to turn my favourite comics into action-packed cartoons. You can follow the rest of the series on phumo's YouTube channel.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

CG Superhero Art of the Day: Thor

Thor looking like a proper Norse hard-arse by Hugues Thibodeau.

Batman vs. Batman vs. Batman

I only discovered this last night but the editing in this video is done so brilliantly that it kept me impressed the whole way through so I thought it is definitely worth sharing. Wouldn't you agree?

By YouTube user, senorbudL24