Thursday, 1 July 2010

Alice Eve As Emma Frost

*Update* January Jones has been confirmed as Emma Frost. Click here to check it out!

Previously, I had reported that Rosamund Pike was rumoured to have been in negotiations to play Emma Frost in the upcoming X-Men: First Class movie. I'd also reported in a separate post that Malin Akerman, Rachel Nichols and Alice Eve were all possibly contending for an undisclosed Marvel role. Well, it turns out that actually Rosamund Pike is more likely to be playing Moira MacTaggert, a scientist and early love interest of Professor Xavier (James McAvoy). This makes more sense as Emma Frost is supposed to be closer in age to Cyclops, who will be a teenager while Pike will be 33 when the film's released in 2012. As I reported in my post about British talent, Deadline and Heatvision both claim that Alice Eve is in negotiations for the role of Emma Frost (not Wasp in The Avengers as I had speculated). Alice will still be 30 on the film's release but the Interwebs are already on fire with boyish hoots and wolf-whistles so I'm guessing her age isn't as important as Pike's age.

Of course, I've turned over a new leave with this blog and I wouldn't want to add to the testosterone fest now surrounding the actor by uploading any mock-ups of Alice Eve as Emma Frost, even just to see what she'd look like with the White Queen's cloak. Even if it meant I'd be the first to the post and possibly gain more followers.

I'm just not that shallow... Oh who am I kidding?! Sex sells! Emma Frost is supposed to be one of, if not the, sexiest character in comics. She wears virtually no clothes, has a bad streak and can read your mind. I'm sure X-Men: First Class will play up to Alice Eve's sexuality and but I'm going to conflict with the entire fanboy community by saying I hope they don't stay too close to the comics and do actually give her some clothes. After all, how ridiculous does this look in real life:

There, isn't this much better? Cover yourself up, love!:
What do you think? Will Alice Eve make a good Emma Frost? Should the film try to stick as closely as possible to the comics or give her a different look?

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  1. Awesome! Absolutely beautiful...The only problem is she is very well aware of it....

  2. Those balloons on her chest aren't really her, thank god. Check her out with an attractive slim figure in Simon Peg's movie "Big Nothing" where she looks like a girl not a pregnant cow.