Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Avengers Casting: Norton dropped. Ruffalo in? Brody as Ant-Man?

After months of will they won't they, Marvel have dropped Edward Norton from the Avengers film.
Every time he'd been asked about his role as the Hulk since 2008, Norton had shown excitement and commitment but confessed he'd heard nothing from the studio about bring him back. Last week, production president at Marvel, Kevin Feige, confirmed that Norton had been dropped from the project. It wasn't pleasant and accusations have flown between Feige and Norton's agent Brian Swardstrom but Norton himself has remained philisophical, saying, "The Hulk is bigger than all of us, that's why we love him, right?"

Immediately, the rumour mill began churning.

Deadline reported that Mark Ruffalo (Where the Wild Things Are, Shutter Island) is in "late-stage discussions" and Heatvision claimed that Ruffalo had indeed received an offer to play the Hulk although he hasn't decided whether he wants it.
It wouldn't be the first time an actor had been replaced on a Marvel film. Don Cheadle replaced Terrence Howard as Rhodey (War Machine) in Iron Man 2. Norton also replaced Eric Bana as Bruce Banner although strictly speaking the Incredible Hulk was a reboot rather than a continuation or sequel. Marvel are starting to build a reputation for alienating actors and they've only made a handful of films! Despite fan outrage at Norton being dropped, he may only have appeared in the film briefly anyway, with the CGI Hulk taking much more screen time.

In other casting news, Adrien Brody (King Kong, Predators) is apprently very close to taking the Ant Man role. This would mean replacing the old favourite of Nathan Fillion, who'd previously been linked to the role. John Campea, of AMC’s Script to Screen site, tweeted:
Take this for what its worth, but I was just told Adrien Brody is most likely going to be “Ant Man” for Edgar Wright.
Then El Mayimbe, of Latino Review tweeted this:
I personally checked w/my pals at Paradigm (Adrien Brody’s agency) & at press time, YES they were pursing Ant Man but got nothing yet.
Casting on both the Hulk and Ant Man roles would need to progress very quickly if Marvel are going to fulfil their plan of revealing the Avengers cast on stage at this month's San Diego Comic Con. Casting a main character usually takes a few months, such as in the case of Spider-Man and Captain America so I remain skeptical about these latest rumours.

Check out the impact this last news has on the Avengers Movie Tracker and see what the Avengers poster might look like!

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